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Celebrating victories on and off the court, gaining insights into the BPO landscape, and welcoming new leadership changes – our newsletter delivers a diverse array of engaging articles in 2023’s 4th quarter.

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A Deep Dive Into the Statistics of the Philippine Outsourcing Industry

Philippines’ BPO sector thrives, adding 121,000 jobs and achieving a 10.3% revenue increase to $32.5 billion in 2022. The industry’s growth extends beyond Metro Manila, marking positive economic trends. IBPAP projects sustained growth, targeting 1.7 million employees and $35.9 billion revenue in 2023, showcasing its resilience and pivotal role in the nation’s economy.

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A conversation between Will Compton and Kirk J Davis

Why Businesses Should Consider a Remote Staffing Model

“We’ve all learned from COVID that the idea of remote work is no longer meant to be scary: if it’s done right, it could be done well.” Listen to the full conversation between our VP of Business Development Will Compton and Kirk J. Davis of CAMPS – Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound here.

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Case Study

Fulfilling High-Volume Recruitment Demand

By implementing thoughtful recruitment strategies, optimizing training processes, and effectively managing resources, Intelassist successfully fulfilled a high-volume recruitment request for a major home appliance manufacturer, achieving a remarkable 95% retention rate and ensuring their readiness to deliver exceptional customer service.

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