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Employee Engagement

18th United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) Badminton Cup Metro Manila Chapter

November 2023

A display of skill, determination, and sportsmanship, Architect Paulette Balisi, a member of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) Manila Metro Chapter, emerged victorious at the 18th UAP Metro Manila Chapter Badminton Cup. Adding to her impressive achievements, Ar. Balisi, who has dedicated 13 years to Intelassist, showcased not only her architectural skill but also her prowess on the badminton court.
Ar. Paulette Balisi’s journey with Intelassist spans an impressive 13 years, during which she has been an integral part of the team, leading a group of skilled drafters. Her dedication to her profession at Intelassist has been matched only by her passion for badminton, a sport she has seamlessly incorporated into her life.

Architect Balisi began by expressing the importance of finding harmony in one’s life, emphasizing that engaging in hobbies, such as badminton, helps maintain a healthy work-life balance. “Playing badminton is not just a sport for me; it’s a way to unwind, clear my mind, and rejuvenate my energy” she shared. Ar. Balisi’s journey to victory was marked by a clean sweep. Her triumph in all four rounds showcased her skill and talent in badminton.

Ar. Balisi concluded the interview by expressing her commitment to continuing the delicate balance between her architectural career and badminton pursuits. “Both fields bring unique challenges and joys. I’ll continue to find inspiration and push myself to excel in both areas.”

Expert Insights

2024 Executive Overview

October 16-17, 2023

In a dynamic convergence of visionaries shaping the path to an electrifying future, the President and CEO of Intelassist, Glenn Basina, CFO and Managing Partner, Annabelle Maruquez, and US Partner Ken Compton, convened in San Francisco, CA on October 16 and 17. This assembly marked a transformative juncture, where profound deliberations laid the foundation for our company’s strategic expansion.

The meeting was characterized by a spirit of collaboration, a shared vision, and deliberations that orbited around pivotal matters geared towards augmenting our organizational capabilities, propelling us toward unprecedented horizons of success.

These discussions not only mirrored the company’s present accomplishments but also painted a promising canvas for the year 2024, wherein the anticipation of burgeoning job opportunities set the tone for a future brimming with promise.

Vinna Patricia Maruquez

Vinna Patricia Maruquez

Managing Partner

Intelassist Spotlight

Wilson Dela Cruz

November 2023

At Intelassist, our team is the heart of our success, and today, we’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on one of our exceptional team members, Wilson Dela Cruz. With 15 years of dedication to our organization, Wilson has not only grown within the company but has also contributed significantly to our success.

Role and Responsibilities
As a senior employee and team leader, Wilson plays a pivotal role in our operations, particularly for one of Intelassist’s first clients, a leading manufacturer of fire-rated glass and framing systems in the US. Beyond leadership, Wilson provides invaluable support to territory managers, ensuring that their sales efforts are aligned and efficient.

Wilson’s primary responsibilities revolve around guiding our sales assistants to excel in their roles. Sales assistants like Wilson are the frontline heroes of our organization, responsible for assisting customers with inquiries, providing crucial product information, and facilitating purchasing decisions. Additionally, they provide vital sales support, helping process orders, handling transactions, and meticulously maintaining records through our Client Relations Management (CRM) system.

The Joys of the Job
What makes Wilson’s role so enjoyable? “I have learned many strategies on how to develop myself and become an effective sales assistant,” Wilson explains. It’s a position that constantly encourages growth and development. Moreover, the team’s motivation to reach quotas is fueled by the generous incentives offered by our client. “When the client is satisfied, we gain more customers, and at the same time, our pockets are also filled,” Wilson adds with a cheerful grin.

Getting Started at Intelassist
Wilson’s journey to Intelassist is a tale of serendipity. In 2008, as a fresh graduate, Wilson accompanied a friend to apply at our company. Unexpectedly, Wilson passed the exam while the friend did not. This twist of fate led to a fateful call from co-founder Annabelle Maruquez, inviting Wilson to join Intelassist. Little did Wilson know that this decision would shape a 15-year-long career.
“I didn’t expect that I would stay with Intelassist for a long time,” he reflects. Wilson’s dedication and loyalty to Intelassist are a testament to the unique culture that sets the company apart in the industry. As Wilson aptly puts it, “The company is different from others in the industry because of the way management works: you can see and feel that bosses show interest in their employees. Other companies rarely have an open-door policy. But Intelassist is different, and I can attest to that because for 15 years, I never felt like I was just another employee but part of a growing family, and I am proud of it. The company listens to suggestions and puts the welfare of their employees first. When it comes to bosses, they will not micromanage you because they believe and have confidence and trust in their employees that they will do their best in their daily tasks.”

Memorable Project and Lessons Learned
Wilson fondly remembers their early days at Intelassist when they had no prior experience. The memorable project was as a virtual assistant for a California real estate firm, RELogic Inc. “I learned a lot from it,” Wilson recalls. It was a challenging role that initially intimidated Wilson. However, with guidance and perseverance from his mentor, Wilson overcame his doubts and insecurities, learning valuable lessons about confidence and self-belief.

Outside the Office
Wilson has a passion for cooking and enjoys hosting friends and family. Balancing personal and professional life, especially as a parent, can be challenging. However, Wilson prioritizes quality time with family, ensuring that work-related concerns are left at the office. This approach allows Wilson to be fully present with loved ones during weekends and evenings.

Wilson is a shining example of the dedication and passion that define Intelassist. We’re proud to have Wilson as part of our family, and we look forward to many more years of success together.

Expert Insights

Empowering Leadership through Intelassist's Training Initiative

December 12, 2023

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, Intelassist is thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fortifying the leadership skills of our esteemed managers. This training program has been meticulously crafted to equip our leaders with the tools they need to fully support our dedicated team members.
The foundation of this initiative stems from insightful discussions led by Cherrie Mae Salazar and Renz, who sparked the conversation on the significance of a data-driven. Recognizing the immense value in this discussion, other managers joined the call, expressing a collective desire for frequent training sessions. The objective is crystal clear: cultivate and refine leadership skills to empower our managers and resonate throughout the organization.

To ensure a consistent and comprehensive learning experience, we’ve committed to a weekly discussion format. This rhythm isn’t just a schedule; it’s a commitment to a continuous cycle of improvement. Weekly sessions provide our leaders with the opportunity to absorb, apply, and integrate newfound knowledge into their daily practices, fostering a culture of dynamic growth.

This comprehensive training program is designed for managers across various divisions, including Senior Managers, Operations Managers, General Managers, Project Managers, Training and Quality Managers, and Assistant Project Managers. This diversity ensures a rich exchange of perspectives, contributing to a well-rounded learning environment reflective of our dynamic workplace.

Training Topics: A Glimpse into Leadership Mastery

  • Data Driven Approach (Facilitated by Cherrie Mae Salazar): Explore the importance of gathering and having readily available data for reports, analysis, and solutions.
  • Efficient Vs. Effective (Facilitated by Mon Carlo Natividad): Delve into the intricate correlation between efficiency and effective leadership, particularly when juggling tasks and managing people.
  • The Six Thinking Hats (Facilitated by Peaches Leidy Baroja): Embrace different attitudes of leaders in approaching various scenarios by metaphorically wearing specific “thinking hats.”
  • Leadership, The Way I See It (Facilitated by Neil Sobrejuanite): Gain valuable insights into becoming a leader and adopting appropriate behavior for the role.

In fostering a culture of continuous improvement, let’s embrace these changes and challenge ourselves to seek improvement each day. Our strength lies in our people, and as we delve into this journey of leadership development, we never lose sight of what makes us truly special.

Here’s to empowering leaders, fostering growth, and embracing positive change at Intelassist!

Manny Juliano

Manny Juliano

Training & Quality Manager

Employee Engagement

The Gift of Giving: Holidays at Intelassist

December 5-9, 2023

As the holiday season unfolded, our team came together to spread joy and warmth through our annual Christmas basket distribution. From December 5th to 9th, we embarked on a mission to bring smiles to the faces of our valued members.

In total, we distributed an impressive 920 Christmas baskets. This achievement would not have been possible without the meticulous planning and teamwork that characterized our approach to the distribution process.

One of the key factors contributing to our success was the strategic organization of the distribution efforts. By dividing the task among teams, we ensured efficient coverage and reached all our members with ease.

This year we partnered with Zeny Trading Inc., a trusted merchant renowned for their curated selection of festive items. Their contributions added an extra layer of joy and delight to each basket, enriching the experience for our recipients.

Our dedicated HR staff played a vital role in coordinating the distribution efforts, from liaising with the merchant to overseeing delivery logistics. Their unwavering commitment ensured that everything ran smoothly, allowing us to deliver holiday cheer to our members’ doorsteps seamlessly.


Cherrie Salazar Promoted to Country Manager

December 10, 2023

A significant shift in leadership unfolded during Intelassist’s US partners’ weeklong visit to Manila from December 4 to 10, marked by the appointment of Ms. Cherrie Salazar as the new Country Manager for Intelassist Inc, promoted from her Sr. Operations Manager role. 

Ms. Salazar, with her proven track record and strategic acumen, embodies the qualities essential for steering our team towards continued success and growth. This appointment is not just a change in personnel but a strategic move designed to redefine and enhance our operational landscape.

“On behalf of the entire management team, we are delighted to announce Cherrie’s appointment as the country manager. With her impressive background and demonstrated success in leadership roles, she positions our team for future growth. We are excited for the positive impact Cherrie will bring to Intelassist in her new role, and we look forward to the promising opportunities that lie ahead,” states Will Compton, VP of Business Development.

Pictured below (L-R): Ken Compton, Chris Stokes, Will Compton, Cherrie Salazar, Annabelle Maruquez, Glenn Basina

Company Event

Intelassist's Year-End Gathering

December 9, 2023

In a splendid culmination to a year brimming with accomplishments and collaborative endeavors, Intelassist leaders convened for an unforgettable year-end celebration at the esteemed Gloria Maris Restaurant in Eastwood on December 9. The event served as a momentous gathering, commemorating the shared triumphs and recognizing the collective dedication and perseverance that defined the past year’s journey.

Amidst the jubilant atmosphere, one of the evening’s highlights was the eagerly anticipated grand prize draw, adding an extra layer of excitement to the festivities. As anticipation mounted, 10 fortunate individuals were selected as recipients of an array of coveted appliances. Among the coveted prizes were a state-of-the-art 50″ Samsung TV, a cutting-edge Samsung automatic washing machine, and a sleek La Germania gas range, each adding a touch of luxury to the winners’ homes.

Yet, beyond the allure of prizes, the event stood as a platform to honor and celebrate the remarkable leadership and achievements of the entire team throughout the year. Speeches resounded with gratitude and admiration, heartfelt toasts raised to acknowledge the tireless efforts, unwavering dedication, and invaluable contributions of the team leaders who played a pivotal role in steering Intelassist towards its triumphant success.

Reflecting on the significance of the event, CEO Glenn Basina shared, “Though miles apart, events like these remind us of our shared goals. While I may not know each of you personally, your dedication and hard work resonate across continents. I’m continually inspired by the passion and commitment of our team. And I have complete trust in our leaders to continue leading us to even greater heights. It’s this trust that makes our company work so seamlessly, even with the remote aspect of our operations.”

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