Back Office Support

Intelassist provides a wide variety of solutions for your back office support needs. With degrees in their specialized fields and experience serving in a remote function, our highly skilled employees offer expertise in numerous critical business areas, including:
  • Data analytics
  • Data mining
  • Entry processing
  • Admin and HR support
  • Marketing and digital creation
  • Human resources
  • Virtual assistance
  • At a glance

    A wide spectrum of back office services

    As business processes become more complex and time consuming, our team at Intelassist can provide additional support to your key staff members, allowing for greater flexibility and significant cost reduction opportunities.

    Above all, our experienced professionals act as an extension of your team, working alongside your personnel to support your key business functions.

    Intelassist employee providing back office support
    What to expect

    Save time and resources

    By offshoring various back office support roles, you’ll see significant reductions in operating costs without sacrificing expertise or accuracy. While you focus on the growth and development of your business organization, we handle all your back office responsibilities.

    With on-site operational management and supervision for our staff, you can feel confident that your business processes are being handled by dedicated and trusted people.  

    Typical Employee Background

    Here’s the type of employee you should expect from our talent pool:


    Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, Management, Human Resource Development, or similar


    3+ years of work experience at BPO companies


    Core Competencies

    Because our team members are recruited and trained based on the specific skills and expertise needed by our clients, we can support a variety of highly technical and specialized roles.

    Support Areas

    We support roles in the following areas.

    Looking for something specific? Reach out to us about your requirements, and we’ll work out a solution.

    Our experienced professionals can assist you in taking care of:

    • Recruitment
    • Employment contracts
    • Employee onboarding, training, and development
    • Grievance and disciplinary procedures, health and safety, psychometric assessments, and absence management
    • Create employee handbooks
    • Conduct employee attitude surveys

    Our data mining services can help you gain an edge over your competitors with the use of savvy online marketing tactics.

    • Customized scripts: For clients seeking large volumes of data in a short amount of time without particularities to the accuracy or conciseness of the data. This is often used in lead generation projects.
    • Internet research: For clients who want to have more concise and detailed information gathered from the web. This process is done manually by a team of expert researchers who find relevant information for your company’s needs, such as gaining knowledge on competitor product prices, specifications and availability.

    Convert your periodicals, reports, journals, catalogs, and financial statements into a richly cohesive data set in any specified format, allowing you to store, search, and retrieve digital versions of any document — anytime, anywhere.

    Our data processing services cover:

    • Image
    • Check
    • Survey
    • Word processing

    Easily locate the kind of information you need online with Intelassist researchers who have the skill and training needed to extract only the most essential information and eliminate inaccurate and false content.

    We provide well-versed writers that can produce the following crafted to your specifications:

    • Process documentation
    • User manuals
    • Reference guides
    • Installation manuals
    • Training manuals, tutorials, and online course modules

    Need an extra pair of hands to help lighten your load? At Intelassist, our personal assistants are well trained in: 

    • Crafting and delivering presentations
    • Managing activity schedules
    • Replying to written correspondence and calls
    • Organizing reminders and meetings
    • Contributing ideas to project planning and scheduling
    • Screen calls, emails, and meetings to help you manage your priorities
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