Our Approach

Attracting the best talent for your team

Our objective is simple: we aim to add value for our partners by helping find talent, retaining great employees, and providing significant cost savings over traditional hiring methods.​

Our Key Differentiators

Differences that matter, results you can see.

We believe in our ability to find and keep great talent, and here’s why you should, too.

Local Presence

Our team provides local operational expertise. We conduct on-site management of our teams to guarantee accountability, continuity, and active cultivation of motivated and passionate employees.

Lower Turnover

Through our collaborative work culture and focus on employee growth, our company retention rate provides stability for our clients.

Business Continuity

Our employees serve as an extension of your team. They are trained by your company and report exclusively to you.

High-Quality Talent

Each employee is hand-selected by Intelassist by process of initial interviews, job qualification assessments, and skill evaluations, ensuring only the most qualified candidates reach you for your approval. 

Cost Savings

Because we take on the task of sourcing employees, our clients save money on labor costs. Additionally, we cover workstations, computer and phone equipment, and employee benefits such as health, dental, and 401k.


Gain the ability to grow your team quickly with talented employees who are available 24/7 and whose work hours are designed around your needs.

Our process

How It Works

It's as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Identify your requirements.

What you do

Provide our team with a detailed job description of position(s) you’re seeking to fill and the required skill set.

What we do

We source candidates and hold preliminary interviews to ensure compatibility.

2. Select the best candidate.

What you do

Review potential candidates and give final approval on all hiring decisions.

What we do

We help with onboarding and providing all necessary equipment to ensure a smooth transition.

3. Start training your employee.

What you do

Based on your requirements and criteria, train your employee for any necessary job functions.

What we do

We offer a trial period to let you decide if our services best fit your needs.

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