Case Study

Fulfilling High-Volume Recruitment Demand

In late 2022, Intelassist faced the challenge of fulfilling a high-volume recruitment request from a major client in the appliance manufacturing industry. The request was for customer service representatives, including Spanish and French-speaking agents, to support existing our client’s customer service team and backfill attrition and resignations. With a proven track record of meeting and exceeding targets, Intelassist successfully sourced, trained, and onboarded nearly 400 employees over the course of four months.

Recruitment Process

To address the immediate hiring needs and backfill attrition, Intelassist set a target of hiring 385 agents in 2023. The recruitment process involved two categories: volume hiring and niche hiring. For volume hiring, which had more lenient candidate requirements but a larger pool of candidates, Intelassist aimed to hire 159 agents in one class. On average, the recruitment team was able to achieve this within 24.5 days. Niche hiring, on the other hand, which focused on managerial and operational roles, required a longer duration of 37 days.

Challenges & Solutions

One of the major challenges faced by Intelassist was training a large number of employees simultaneously. Considering the varied learning levels, experience, and backgrounds of the new hires, as well as the limited manpower on the training team, Intelassist had to carefully allocate their training resources to ensure a smooth onboarding experience. To address this challenge, the company assigned three trainers per class, totaling seven trainers, for a class size of approximately 66 employees. This allocation allowed for effective training delivery. However, the limited manpower posed a challenge, requiring trainers to handle a substantial workload.

To overcome the limited manpower challenge, Intelassist dedicated the 18th floor of their facility exclusively for training purposes. This centralized training environment could accommodate multiple groups simultaneously, increasing efficiency. Additionally, training sessions were scheduled at 7 AM to maximize productivity, and this time was also utilized for attendance taking, ensuring efficient use of the trainers’ time.

Moreover, to prevent attrition, Intelassist implemented employee engagement strategies, such as utilizing instant messaging platforms and organizing in-person team-building activities to keep new hires engaged and active.


Training Process Optimization

With three trainers assigned to each group, Intelassist aimed to maintain a high standard of training quality and provide a comprehensive learning experience for new recruits. The training process consisted of 20 days of classroom training, followed by two weeks of readiness training to prepare employees for handling customer calls.

The increased number of employees provided Intelassist with opportunities to identify areas for improvement in the training environment. This included ensuring an adequate number of dedicated PCs for the training rooms and creating a classroom-like setup that fostered a conducive atmosphere for trainees to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. Intelassist trainers also conducted surveys to gauge trainees’ experiences during the training process, allowing for continuous improvements in the training program.

Recruitment Strategies

To streamline the recruitment process and reduce sourcing efforts, Intelassist implemented the Breezy HR platform. This software helped the recruitment team manage applications more efficiently and maintain a standardized employee referral process. Prior to the implementation of Breezy HR, employee referrals were made via email, which proved to be suboptimal due to increased email volume and challenges in sifting through applications and contacting qualified candidates.

To augment their recruitment efforts and meet the demand, Intelassist collaborated with third-party vendors until December, leveraging their expertise and network to identify suitable candidates.


Partnership Outcomes

Through effective recruitment strategies, optimized training processes, and proactive resource management, Intelassist successfully fulfilled their high-volume recruitment request. The company achieved a 95.33% retention rate, with less than 5% attrition, as 184 out of 193 agents were endorsed to operations between January and March alone. 

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