Intelassist Q3 2023 Company Newsletter

Intelassist Q3 2023 Newsletter

Employee Engagement

August: National Language Month

August 2023

August holds a special significance at Intelassist, as it marks the celebration of “Buwan ng Wika” (National Language Month). In commemoration of this culturally rich occasion and in our ongoing commitment to engage our workforce, we curated a series of noteworthy activities.

August 1-3, 2023

IA Spoken Word Poetry Contest

In celebration of cultural heritage and linguistic excellence, the IA Spoken Poetry Contest was conducted from August 1st to August 5th, 2023, serving as a platform for our employees to express their thoughts and emotions in the Filipino language (Tagalog).

Designed to celebrate and encourage linguistic and cultural pride, the IA Spoken Word Contest motivated our employees to share their unique stories and experiences through poetry. The contest revolved around a central theme, “Unstoppable Spirit,” a call for introspection, narrative storytelling, and profound inspiration. Participants were encouraged to delve into their personal narratives, crafting verses that underscored the relentlessness of the human spirit in the face of adversity. “Unstoppable Spirit” was more than a theme but a beacon of motivation and hope for all employees, reminding us that regardless of challenges faced, we carry an unwavering spirit within.

Congratulations to the winners of the IA Spoken Word Contest:

  • 1st Place: Veronica Padilla
  • 2nd Place: Christian Agtarap
  • 3rd Place: Jordan Jericho Ramos

August 3, 2023


Bugtungan which translates to “riddle” is an interactive activity that immerses our employees in a delightful pursuit of hidden riddles within designated areas spanning our three office floors.

Expert Insights

AI Impact on BPO Transformation

August 2023

As Intelassist continues to evolve, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance our capabilities to ensure we continually provide excellent service to our customers. And equally important, empowering our team to make smart decisions with new tools and technologies. The includes closely watching how artificial intelligence (AI) and related tools affect the BPO industry.

It seems that no matter what the industry is, AI is predicted to transform the way businesses operate both with intended and unintended consequences. As the integration of AI continues to reshape the BPO industry, our job as a company is to understand how to best utilize this evolving technology and provide smarter, more efficient tools to enhance our team’s capabilities.

And yet, as with any new technology, there are questions about how it will impact the productivity and structure of teams across the employment marketplace. However instead of focusing on what negative impacts AI may have, I suggest we foster a culture of openness and consider how to best use new technologies to enhance our company’s growth alongside our own personal and professional development.

Rosario Cajucom-Bradbury, managing director of Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) recently stated “Generative AI can enhance the strengths of our Filipino agents who can then focus on active listening and become more empathetic and engaging when rendering service to our customers.” After all, AI models can process natural language, but they lack true emotional intelligence and empathy. AI models have limitations when it comes to comprehending cultural nuances, social norms, and information specific to a given context. Delivering individualized and culturally sensitive services will continue to require compassionate team members with cultural awareness and knowledge.

Let’s embrace change and challenge ourselves to look for ways to get better each day. But let’s never lose sight of what makes us so special, our people.

Will Compton

Will Compton

VP of Business Development

Employee Engagement

Cocolife Nutrition Webinar

August 12, 2023

Intelassist hosted a nutrition webinar, aimed at educating employees on the significance of nutrition, including dietary choices, nutrient requirements, and their effects on overall health.

Led by Ms. Julianne Malong, a registered dietitian (RND), certified personal trainer, and certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLPP), her diverse expertise in health and wellness provided attendees with a valuable source of factual information in the field of nutrition. With her strong background in nutrition and fitness, she offered comprehensive guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Employee Engagement

More on Mental Health Awareness

September 2023

For the month of September, Intelassist held two batches of webinars that have been instrumental in our continuous mission to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and educate our employees about mental health challenges, prevention, and coping strategies.

Dr. Gary C. Dy, a registered guidance counselor, psychometrician, and licensed professional teacher, facilitated the webinar, creating an environment where employees could recognize the signs of mental health issues, know how to seek support, and understand how to actively contribute to the cultivation of a compassionate and mentally healthy work environment.

Intelassist Spotlight

Jose William "Joko" Musni Jr.

September 2023

Meet Jose William “Joko” Musni, a senior estimator at Intelassist. As we celebrate the dedication and commitment of our outstanding team members, we are proud to spotlight Joko, who has embarked on an enriching journey at Intelassist spanning a remarkable ten years!

10 Years Looking Back

“Over the course of the past ten years, I have had the incredible opportunity to work at Intelassist, where I have grown both personally and professionally. This journey has been filled with learning experiences, challenges, and accomplishments that have shaped me into the individual I am today. One aspect of my journey that I am particularly grateful for is the emphasis on continuous learning and professional development at Intelassist. The company provides various activities and webinars which allow us to acquire new knowledge and contribute significantly to all of us.

Perhaps one of the most significant aspects of my journey at Intelassist has been the relationships I have built with my colleagues. I have had the privilege of working with talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, who have inspired me with their expertise, dedication, and creativity. These relationships have not only enriched my professional life but have also developed into lifelong friendships. It is clear that Intelassist is not just a job but a place where ideas are nurtured, employees are valued, and excellence is pursued.”

The Joys of the Job

What Joko enjoys most about the job is the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse range of team members from different backgrounds and industries. This exposure to various perspectives and experiences allows Joko to continually learn and grow, both personally and professionally. It is the collective knowledge of the team that fuels innovation and contributes to the success of the organization. Additionally, the virtual nature of Intelassist’s services, especially during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, has provided Joko with the flexibility to work in a hybrid setup. This adaptive work culture has enabled Joko to maintain a healthy work-life balance, fostering personal growth and enhancing productivity.

Why Intelassist?

Reflecting on what brought Joko to Intelassist, “it was the shared values, commitment to innovation, and dedication to inclusivity that initially attracted me,” he says. “Subsequently, what has truly kept me here is the continuous growth opportunities. I am fortunate to be part of an organization that values its employees and fosters an atmosphere conducive to personal and professional realization.”

According to Joko, Intelassist’s remarkable success is driven by its dedicated commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, sustainability, employee well-being, and strategic collaborations. These exceptional qualities and practices set Intelassist apart in the industry. “The company’s dedication to going the extra mile, not only for customers but also for employees and the environment, ensures its continued dominance as a leader in the market.”

Career Advice from Joko

The best career advice Joko has received centers on pursuing a career that aligns with one’s passions. By immersing oneself in a career that is genuinely loved, productivity soars, challenges are embraced, and opportunities for growth abound. “The synergy between passion and productivity has elevated the quality of my work, enabling me to deliver exceptional results in a consistent manner,” he explains.

Outside the Office

Balancing personal and professional life is essential for overall well-being. Outside of work, Joko enjoys the freedom of exploring different places on a motorcycle, allowing him to disconnect from the demands of the professional world, immerse in the present, and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Company Event

Intelassist's 15th Anniversary

September 8, 2023

Intelassist recently celebrated its 15th year in business with an event that underscored the company’s commitment, dedication, and spirit. Transforming the office into a carnival brought together employees to commemorate the occasion in a memorable way.

Kicking off the event, Lawrence Maruquez (VP) expressed gratitude to employees for their dedication and hard work, followed by Vinna Maruquez (Managing Partner) and Annabelle Maruquez (CFO) further conveying heartfelt appreciation and highlighting the collective effort that has contributed to Intelassist’s success.

The company anniversary celebration was hosted by our in-house team trainer, Don Dela Paz. Dino Maruquez (VP of HR) delivered the closing remarks, summarizing the event and reaffirming the company’s commitment to continued growth and excellence.

The “IA Got Talent” competition was a highlight of the evening, with eight participants showcasing their extraordinary talents. Their performances ranged from dance to singing and comedy, leaving the audience in awe. These talents reflected the diverse skills within the Intelassist family, including:

  • Dance number performed by Point Five (Reyza Parcon, Aljun Bautista, Merlyn Pala)
  • Cover of “Anak” performed by Francis Interior
  • Song performed by Melanie Zamudio
  • Jabawokeez-style dance performed by Genie Ranara
  • Fire dance performed by Jack Cledera
  • Original song performed by Christian Anthony Agtarap
  • Singing duet performed by Mavic Tamidles and Wilson Dela Cruz
  • Stand-up comedy act by Francis Odtojan

The winner of “IA Got Talent” received 18,000 pesos, with the first runner-up and second runner-up earning 15,000 pesos and 12,000 pesos, respectively. All participants were recognized and rewarded with 5,000 pesos each.

The evening also included 30 raffle draws, with 10 lucky winners receiving home appliances, 10 winning 2,000 pesos, and another 10 taking home 1,500.00 pesos.

Central to the event was the recognition of employees who have displayed unwavering loyalty to Intelassist, dedicating 5, 10, and 15 years of their professional lives to the company. They were honored with symbolic gifts, including elegant watches, cash prizes, and plaques, commemorating their remarkable service.

The awards ceremony acknowledged employees in three categories:

5-Year Service Recognition

  • Sarah Dimple Susano
  • Jordan Jericho Ramos
  • Marjorie Cruz
  • Saira Seldo
  • John Jhonnellyn Bautista
  • Mavic Tamidles
  • Patrick Martin
  • Glenn Paradero

10-Year Service Recognition

  • Jose William Musni Jr.
  • Sarah Jane Sandoval

15-Year Service Recognition

  • Wilson Dela Cruz
Intelassist’s 15th-year anniversary celebration was a memorable occasion filled with camaraderie, laughter, and appreciation. It not only highlighted the company’s remarkable journey but also showcased the exceptional talents and dedication of its employees. As Intelassist looks to the future, this celebration serves as a testament to the strong foundation on which the company was built and the promising prospects that lie ahead.

“I am forever grateful for the opportunity of being part of this enthusiastic team. It’s been an amazing 15 years, and cheers to many more!”

Wilson Dela Cruz

“It’s incredible to witness Intelassist’s milestones over the years. Always grateful for being part of this growing family. Just work hard, have fun, and together, we’ll make history.”

Sarah Jane Sandoval

Expert Insights

The IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) Summit 2023

September 30, 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving professional landscape, discussions on diversity, inclusivity, digital connectivity, and technological advancement are more critical than ever. The IBPAP Summit 2023 served as a platform for thought leaders to share their perspectives and insights on these pressing topics. Here are some highlights from the event:

Driving Diversity and Inclusivity. Carla Lastimosa, from Page Executive, stressed the importance of moving beyond mere diversity in the workplace. True diversity encompasses creating an inclusive environment where individuals, regardless of their backgrounds, feel valued and can contribute their unique perspectives. She also highlighted the significance of mentorship programs in supporting underrepresented employees and aiding their career progression.

Connecting Everybody to the Internet. Henry Aguda, during his discussion at IBPAP, presented a straightforward yet transformative concept – “connecting everybody to the internet.” This idea emphasizes universal internet access as a fundamental driver of progress, innovation, and inclusivity in the digital age. Aguda’s message underscores the need for collaborative efforts to bridge the digital divide, ensuring equal access to the opportunities and resources the internet provides.

Elevating Employee Experience. The workshop on “Elevating Employee Experience” at IBPAP 2023 challenged conventional work arrangements. Speakers explored the evolving landscape of work, advocating for hybrid and flexible models that empower employees to choose how and where they work. This shift represents a departure from rigid office-centric norms and a move towards more accommodating work arrangements.

Forging Ahead: Tech-Forward Philippines. The summit’s theme, “Forging Ahead: Tech-Forward Philippines,” showcased the nation’s commitment to digital transformation. Industry leaders highlighted technology’s pivotal role in advancing the country’s economic standing on the global stage. The event spotlighted synergy among the government, private sector, and academia, fostering innovation and supporting the thriving tech industry. Discussions revolved around diversifying services, offering higher-value solutions, reskilling, and upskilling to adapt to the rapidly changing tech landscape. Ethical and environmentally friendly practices also gained prominence as companies expanded their focus beyond profit. The summit provided a platform for vision-sharing, insightful discussions, and valuable networking opportunities.

In a world marked by constant change, the IBPAP Summit 2023 reinforced the importance of inclusivity, digital connectivity, and technological transformation, positioning the Philippines as a forward-thinking player on the global stage.

Zaljane Lojoya

Zaljane Lojoya

HR Supervisor

Employee Engagement

Corporate Football League: First Time Entrants, First Time Champions

August–September 2023

Participating for the first time in the Corporate Football League (CFL), Intelassist took on the 2023 9v9 Cup, kicking off a tournament that highlighted our resilience and teamwork. The Intelassist Football Club (IAFC) went head-to-head with various opponents, facing off against other companies like Nestle, Amazon, Profit, Winston, Telus, Schneider, Globe, and ultimately Shopee in the championship match.

The tournament’s MVP, Lucien Joel Okono, played a pivotal role in securing victories during the semi-finals and the championship against Winston and Shopee, respectively. Jeffrey Mataya, recognized as the Best Goal Keeper, stood strong against the opponents, allowing only four goals throughout the tournament.

Beyond the field, the support from sponsors Vinna Maruquez (Managing Partner) and Erick Alfonso (Principal Architect) ensured our team was well-fueled. Post-victory celebrations included presenting the championship trophy to Annabelle Maruquez (CFO), reciprocated with cash prizes and a team breakfast buffet at the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel.

As Intelassist extends its capabilities beyond the corporate realm, the football pitch becomes a canvas for showcasing teamwork, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of victory.

Employee Engagement

Customer Service Week

October 16–20, 2023

Intelassist’s Customer Service Week (CSR Week), held annually for a week in October, is a tribute to the customer service representatives (CSRs) who play a vital role in ensuring customer satisfaction. Beyond recognizing their contributions, CSR Week underscores Intelassist’s commitment to nurturing an environment where excellence and diversity thrive.

The week kicks off with a burst of creativity, with employees dressing up in futuristic costumes that symbolize innovation and service excellence. This imaginative attire reflects the company’s dedication to embracing the future of customer service while striking a unique balance between professionalism and playfulness.

Leaders actively engage with the front-line team during CSR Week, participating in call listening, transaction reviews, and discussions about the company’s core principle, “Customer First.” The CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Commitment Wall, adorned with handprints, symbolizes unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Daily excellence doesn’t go unnoticed; team members who receive customer commendations are rewarded with treats.
Various photo booths capture special moments, fostering team camaraderie. Food booths, catering to diverse culinary preferences, encourage social interaction. An on-site appreciation board provides a platform for expressing gratitude within the organization, strengthening employee appreciation and unity.

As CSR Week concludes, employees return to their roles with renewed pride and motivation. The celebration not only honors those who make customer satisfaction possible but also reinforces Intelassist’s commitment to excellence.

CSR Week reminds us that customer service is more than just a job; it represents a dedication to customer well-being. It celebrates the heart of Intelassist—the people who make customer service a true art.

Intelassist looks forward to another year of exceptional customer service and even more extraordinary celebrations!

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