Strong Company Culture for a Stronger Remote Workforce

Fostering a strong company culture is crucial for the success of any organization, especially when it comes to a remote workforce. When employees are scattered across various locations, maintaining a sense of unity and shared values can become challenging. Taking the time to build and reinforce a sustainable (and agreeable) company culture can make all the difference in how employees communicate with each other and with your customers. 

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Components of a Strong Company Culture

    • Sense of belonging: A sense of unity can create a shared identity among remote employees, encouraging a sense of belonging and unity despite geographical distances.

    • Communication and collaboration: A well-defined company culture can stimulate effective communication and collaboration, essential for remote teams to work cohesively towards common goals.

    • Employee engagement and motivation: Employee engagement and motivation are key outputs (and inputs!) of a positive company culture. When remote workers feel a strong sense of connection to their organization’s values and purpose, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated. This, in turn, leads to higher productivity levels and increased satisfaction among remote employees. 


Strategies to Strengthen Company Culture

Here are a few tips to help foster company culture with a remote workforce:

Clearly define company values.

The first step to fostering a strong company culture is to clearly define the values that the organization stands for. This can include things like integrity, accountability, and continuous improvement. 

Encourage regular communication.

Regular communication is key to building relationships and a sense of community among remote employees. This can include: 

    • Virtual team meetings

    • Company-wide video conferences

    • One-on-one check-ins.

Plan employee engagement activities. 

Social interaction is important for building relationships and creating a sense of community among remote employees. Organizing virtual and physical social events, such as game nights or happy hours, can bring remote employees together.

Celebrate success!

Celebrating successes and milestones boosts employee morale by tenfold. Companies can use virtual platforms to celebrate and recognize the achievements of remote employees, even when they are not physically present. When employees feel recognized and appreciated for their efforts and achievements, it boosts their motivation, morale, and overall job satisfaction. 

Provide training and development opportunities

Training and development opportunities can help remote employees feel more connected to the company and its values. By investing in training and development programs that are accessible to remote employees and align with the company’s values and goals, it’s a win-win: employees gain an opportunity for professional advancement, and the organization is better able to cater to customers’ needs.

Lead by example.

Company leaders play a key role in fostering a strong company culture, especially when it comes to a remote workforce. Leaders should lead by example and demonstrate the values and behaviors that they want to see in their employees.


The Bottom Line 

By nurturing a culture of unity, effective communication, and recognition, organizations can foster a sense of belonging among remote employees. This positive reinforcement cultivates a common understanding of value and validation, encouraging individuals to continue performing at their best. Taking a proactive approach and using the tips outlined above, companies can ensure that their remote employees feel connected to the company and its values, no matter where they are in the world. When you trust your employees to do great work, leaders shine from the bottom up. 

At Intelassist, our company culture accompanied by our expertise and leadership allows us to attract talented individuals with unparalleled work ethic and compassion. Curious to learn more? Get in touch with our experts for more information. 

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