Why should businesses consider a remote staffing model?

“We’ve all learned from COVID that the idea of remote work is no longer meant to be scary: if it’s done right, it could be done well. And that is really what our company is here to help people do– understand that you can have a workforce on a global basis, tap into an amazing pool of talent, and make it seamless so that there is support and overlap back to the teams in the US.”

Listen to the full conversation between our VP of Business Development Will Compton and Kirk J. Davis of CAMPS – Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound below.

About The Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound (CAMPS)

The Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound (CAMPS) is an association of manufacturers, supply chain partners, professional service providers, and affiliates (government, education, and non-profit organizations), all who share common interests to drive innovation, provide supply chain development, and collectively find 21st Century workforce solutions.

Click here to learn more about CAMPS and how they actively promote the success and expansion of manufacturing in Washington State as a non-profit membership association.

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