Intelassist Q2 2023 Company Newsletter

Intelassist Q2 2023 Company Newsletter

Market Update

What's new in the BPO industry

April–July 2023

Business Process Outsourcing Market is Slated to be Worth USD 544.8 Billion by 2032

The global business process outsourcing (BPO) market was valued at USD 245.9 billion and is expected to grow to USD 544.8 billion in 2032. reports that the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) market has shown remarkable growth in recent years and is set to continue expanding in the upcoming years. Factors driving this growth include cost savings, technological advancements, and an experienced labor pool.

Source: Business Process Outsourcing Market is Slated to be Worth USD 544.8 Billion by 2032 | Market.Us

Multilingual Contact Centers are Reshaping the BPO Landscape

With a diverse set of customers and a skilled workforce, the Philippines is an ideal location for these centers. And with the pandemic accelerating the shift towards remote work, companies are quickly adapting to this new reality. Plus, the use of AI and automation is on the rise, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings.

Source: Multilingual contact center Philippines: Reshaping the BPO landscape

IT-BPM Boom Continues but Upskilling Required

The booming Information Technology-Business Process Management sector is targeting 1.1 million additional jobs by 2028 but industry group Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) indicated the urgent need to upskill Filipino workers. Managing director of CCAP Rosario Cajucom-Bradbury says, “We are working closely with the academe and the Department of Education on how to improve the curriculum with an input industry so that when students graduate, they are almost ready for the job. We don’t have problems with the infrastructure, but lack of talents, our value proposition to the world.”

Source: IT-BPM boom continues but upskilling required

Employee Insights

Managing Work-Related Stress

April 5, 2023

In recognition of Stress Awareness Month and Intelassist’s continued commitment to employee well-being, our HR team initiated an interactive platform for employees to openly discuss and share their effective strategies in managing work-related stress.

The response was overwhelming, with employees actively participating in the comment section. They shared valuable insights, personal anecdotes, and supportive advice. From meditation techniques to time management strategies, this open exchange of ideas demonstrated our team’s commitment to supporting one another and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

“When I’m stressed, I start my day by praying and then I jog and exercise. By doing so, your body releases endorphins AKA happy hormones… then do breathing exercises. That will calm your soul.”Michelle Lozada

“When I’m stressed, I go for a long drive. It relaxes me and takes my mind off my worries. The vehicle is my “safe space” because I can play the music I like; I don’t think of problems because my focus is on the road and my destination.” – Grizciel Magsalay

“When I’m stressed, I always take a break from social media and reduce screen time. By doing this, it helps me to refresh my mind, to be more focused, to make more time for myself, and to do the things I want.” – Angela Ornedo

“When I’m stressed, I go out, ride my motorcycle, wearing a helmet with a headset, listening to the songs we used to sing. I shout as loud as I can until I can’t feel anything at all.” – Jose Punzalan

Employee Engagement

Easter Egg Hunt

April 10, 2023

Employee Engagement

Earth Week: Green Living Challenge

April 18-22, 2023

The Green Living Challenge presented a series of daily tasks, encouraging employees to adopt eco-friendly habits and reduce their environmental footprint.

Each day, employees received a list of tasks, each carrying a specific point value. From conserving energy to recycling initiatives, the challenges encompassed various aspects of sustainable living. 

Throughout the week, the office buzzed with excitement as colleagues discussed their progress and shared tips for eco-friendly living. The challenge served as a catalyst for change, inspiring employees to make conscious decisions and contribute to a greener future.

Employee Engagement

Mental Health Awareness Month

May 13, 2023

Promoting mental health awareness and destigmatizing mental illness took center stage at Intelassist on May 13th. In collaboration with Cocolife, we organized a virtual seminar that aimed to educate employees on the significance of mental health and encourage them to seek support when needed.

The virtual seminar fostered a safe space for employees to engage in meaningful discussions, share personal experiences, and learn about effective strategies to enhance emotional well-being. Through interactive sessions, participants gained a deeper understanding of mental health challenges and the importance of early intervention and self-care.

Employee Engagement

Mother's Day at Intelassist

May 16, 2023

May 16th marked a heartwarming celebration at Intelassist as we dedicated a special day to honor and appreciate our hardworking mothers. In recognition of their tireless efforts, all working mothers in our office were presented with a thoughtful gift – a lip tint – as a token of gratitude for their invaluable contributions.

To extend our appreciation, an appreciation video was shared on the Intelassist Facebook page, highlighting the immeasurable love and support our mothers provide. The video aimed to express our deepest gratitude and honor the dedication of all mothers within our organization.

In addition, we took to the Intelassist Instagram account to post an open letter dedicated to employees’ mothers. We invited everyone to show their support by liking and sharing the post. The post that received the highest number of likes would be rewarded with a Viking’s Buffet certificate for two, allowing the winner to enjoy a special treat with their mother.

Intelassist Spotlight

King Carlo Malang

May 2023

Meet King Carlo Malang, an employee trainer at Intelassist, celebrating two years with the company this May. His journey wasn’t easy, facing the pandemic’s challenges head-on, including unemployment and battling COVID-19. But his unbreakable spirit fueled his dreams. We are incredibly proud of King’s achievements and the inspiration he brings to our team. Thank you, King, for sharing your story!

“Amidst the chaos of the pandemic, I found myself overwhelmed with stress due to unemployment. Our household was struck by the relentless waves of COVID-19, and for several months, each member of my family was without work. I had placed my hopes on my previous job, believing it would provide the stability I sought, only to witness the unfortunate closure of the account.

The struggle to find new employment was incredibly challenging, to the extent that I couldn’t even afford to load my phone for online exams. I had no choice but to rely on internet vending machines for access. At the time, my dreams were humble—I simply longed for a regular job. I vividly recall attending church every week for six months, lighting candles and fervently praying for the opportunity to be regularized. It was a heartfelt plea filled with earnestness and longing.

Eventually, my prayers were answered, and I achieved regularization, even if the evaluation card was a formality. Becoming a regular employee meant everything. Grateful, I prayed for the chance to experience a year with the company. Now, surpassing that milestone, I celebrate my second year. A testament to the power of prayer and unwavering faith.

Following my first year as a regular employee, my career trajectory soared to new heights. I was promoted to Subject Matter Expert (SME), and within a mere two weeks, I found myself taking on the role of a trainer. It was an extraordinary journey of growth and personal development.

Jeremiah 17:10 resonates deeply within me, reaffirming that my relentless pursuit has been recognized and rewarded by the divine. After countless rejections and setbacks, I finally discovered the company that was truly meant for me—a perfect fit for my aspirations and talents. This realization fills me with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and elation.

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned along this remarkable journey is to never cease learning and growing. With each accomplishment, I remind myself to reflect upon the dreams I still hold dear, tackling them one at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the weight of expectations. Thank you to all the team leads at Intelassist who have supported me throughout my endeavors and for never losing faith in my potential. To Intelassist, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity you have bestowed upon me. Thank you to the managers and the entire T&Q team for their continuous support and mentorship.”

Employee Engagement

Intelassist Sagala

May 25-31, 2023

From May 25th to 31st, Intelassist celebrated the beauty and empowerment of our female employees through the IA Sagala event. “Sagala” refers to a girl taking part in the Santacruzan pageant on the last day of the Flores de Mayo festival held in the Philippines. Typically, during the Santacruzan (derived from the Spanish translation of holy cross), chosen young ladies with their respective escorts by their side, parade on the streets under arches colorfully decorated and designed with May flowers, signifying St. Helena’s mythical journey towards finding Jesus Christ’s cross.

In Intelassist’s take on this event, a captivating photo series
featuring our employees from various departments was shared on GreatDayHR and our Facebook page. Alongside their portraits, each participant shared personal messages about what makes them feel beautiful and offered words of encouragement for everyone to embrace their own unique beauty.

The IA Sagala event aimed to uplift and inspire, encouraging our female employees to celebrate their individuality and embrace their strengths. It also served as a reminder to all team members of the importance of inclusivity, support, and empowerment in our workplace.

Training and Education

A Closer Look at Laws Affecting the Workplace

June 3, 2023

On June 3rd, Intelassist organized a comprehensive webinar that shed light on the laws directly affecting the workplace. Led by our legal counsel, Atty. Rey Segubiense, the webinar covered crucial topics that every employee should be familiar with. The webinar covered:

Anti-bullying and harassment in the workplace: Highlighting the importance of maintaining a respectful and inclusive work environment, addressing the legal implications of workplace bullying and harassment, and empowering employees to recognize and report such behaviors.

Cyber Libel scope, content, and legal implications on committing party: As technology advances, the webinar delved into the legal aspects of cyber libel, equipping
employees with knowledge on responsible online behavior and the potential legal consequences of engaging in cyber libel.

Confidentiality and Privacy: Comprehensive overview of the laws governing confidentiality and privacy in the workplace. They learned about the rights and obligations surrounding the protection of sensitive information.

A special thanks to Atty. Rey Segubiense for his valuable expertise and to all employees who actively participated in this session.

Employee Engagement

Father’s Day Celebration

June 19, 2023

On June 19th, we celebrated the dedication and hard work of our exceptional fathers at Intelassist. As a token of our appreciation, working fathers in our organization were presented with a specially selected perfume gift.

This small gesture aimed to express our gratitude for their unwavering commitment to both their families and their professional responsibilities. We recognize the significant role fathers play in our lives and their invaluable contributions to our organization’s success.

Company Event

Leaders' Summit 2023

July 8, 2023

Intelassist held its very first Leaders Summit on July 8th, providing a unique platform for employees to speak on their experiences of both taking on the role of a leader and enhancing their leadership skills as a result of their work at Intelassist. The discussions were rich with stories of growth, challenges conquered, and lessons learned, offering a valuable learning opportunity for both emerging and seasoned leaders.

At the summit, Intelassist CEO and President Glenn Basina shared his excitement to finally meet team leads and managers face-to-face. He illustrated the concept of “magkatulungan”, meaning to help each other and work together in order to give more opportunities while leading the company in the right direction. Notably, he revealed that Intelassist is growing at a rapid pace, and a driving factor in the company’s capability to expand is intricately tied to leadership engagement across all levels of operation. Glenn’s insights shed light on Intelassist’s strategies, resilience, and the unwavering commitment of its employees. 

Another notable segment of the summit was led by Toni Miranda, a global leadership development motivational speaker and coach. Toni delved into how our life experiences shape our perception of leadership. She imparted invaluable wisdom on harnessing this understanding to become sagacious leaders who inspire and nurture. The importance of embracing our individuality and presenting ourselves as beacons of influence formed a central theme of her empowering discourse.

Among the Intelassist leaders who spoke was Operations Manager Cherrie Salazar. Having joined the company at the beginning of last year, Cherrie recounted how she asked fellow employees about why they liked working at Intelassist, and overwhelmingly, the response emphasized the cherished family-oriented culture that sets the company apart.

A special thanks to HR team members Reine Enriquez, Angela Ornedo, Giljane Aducal, and Zaljane Lojoya who worked tirelessly to make this event possible. We look forward to future engagements that showcase and celebrate our team’s growth. On putting this event together, Angela Ornedo says, “For me, the Leaders Summit is really a pivotal opportunity to cultivate our leaders and also contribute to the company’s enduring growth.”

Speakers: Vinna Maruquez-Alfonso, Lawrence Maruquez, Paulette Tagaban, Wilson Dela Cruz, Angelica Lazaro, TJ Mababa, JJ Bautista, Annabelle Maruquez, Erick Alfonso, Jennalyn Carrido, Grizciel Magsalay, John Lorenz Alvaran, Manny Juliano, Dino Maruquez

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