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Intelassist sources, trains, and retains top-tier talent who work directly and exclusively for each of our clients. Through our proven experience and local ownership, our partnerships thrive on a high degree of productivity, lower turnover of staff, and significant cost savings.

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About Intelassist

Founded in 2007, Intelassist is a remote staffing organization specializing in providing experienced and highly skilled employees based in Manila, Philippines to a diverse segment of businesses located around the globe. 

Our coast-to-coast U.S. offices combined with our dedicated employees in the Philippines allow us to deliver results to any client in any market and for any role.

With over 15 years of experience in the BPO industry, Intelassist prioritizes organizational resilience and social stewardship to create lasting, meaningful partnerships within our team and with our clients.

U.S. AND Philippine Partners

Our Team

In partnership with Compton Group Asia, Intelassist has been able to establish its presence in the U.S., allowing us to expand our local expertise, a factor that has been paramount to building and maintaining strong client relations. 

Intelassist Leadership

Glenn Basina

CEO and President

San Francisco, CA, US

Annabelle Maruquez


Manila, Philippines

Lawrence Maruquez

VP and Managing Partner

Manila, Philippines

Dino Maruquez

VP of Human Resources

Manila, Philippines

Erick Alfonso

Principal Architect

Manila, Philippines

Vinna Alfonso

Managing Partner

Manila, Philippines

Compton Group Asia Leadership

Ken Compton


Spartanburg, SC, US

Will Compton

VP of Business Development

Seattle, WA, US

Chris Stokes

VP of Client Success

Florence, SC, USA

What drives us

Our core values

We believe in fostering a company culture that is inclusive and compassionate to empower our employees to deliver top-quality service and fulfill your every need successfully. Most importantly, we hire people who we can trust. With our open and collaborative atmosphere, we attract the best possible candidates that engages employees, promotes from within, and allows us to be selective with all new hires.

Continuous Collaboration

A variety of perspectives help us discover the best solutions, which is why acknowledging and celebrating our differences is key to maintaining a harmonious workplace.

Organizational Integrity

A culture of trust and accountability through open-communication keeps us on track to achieving our goals.

Client-Centric Mindset

Our partners’ success is at the heart of everything we do, so we focus passionately on finding, retaining, and developing talent for them.
Intelassist team. Build your career with us
Our purpose

Our mission

We aim to add value to businesses by providing employees as an extension of our clients’ teams, easing the burden of finding and keeping talented people while providing significant cost savings over traditional hiring methods. Actively promoting a culture of collaboration, accountability, and social stewardship ensures we remain inspired to do work that matters.

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