Customer Care

Intelassist specializes in providing highly capable and experienced employees within the customer care segment. Our team excels in customer satisfaction, surpassing key performance metrics, and first-time customer resolution results all while maintaining the integrity of your brand and reputation.


At a glance

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

At Intelassist, we focus on recruiting and staffing based on our client’s specific customer service needs. We have the infrastructure and equipment needed to build a team that is flexible and scalable. Whatever your customers need, from troubleshooting to general inquiries, to lead generation to market research, we’ve got you covered.

A woman with a headset providing customer care support
What to expect

A personalized customer service experience

1. Initial Customer Engagement

Whether your customer needs help with order processing and transactions like warranty issues, returns and exchanges, or responding to customer inquiries either during or outside of business hours, making sure your customers are heard is the first step we take to provide a positive customer experience.

2. Customer Retention

Keep customers coming back. From resolving issues and troubleshooting technical problems to effectively handling complaints, we make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you.

3. Customer Expansion

We collect and analyze customer feedback to ensure quality service every time. Through proactive outreach, we anticipate your customers needs before they even vocalize them.

Typical Employee Background

Here’s the type of employee you should expect from our talent pool:


Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication


Bachelor’s of Arts in English Studies


5+ years of relevant work experience in customer service roles

Experience with multinational companies

Core Competencies

Multiple phone system

Working proficiency in third-party CRM software

Support Areas

We provide talented and dedicated employees ready to help. We support roles in the following areas.

Looking for something specific? Reach out to us about your requirements, and we’ll work out a solution.

Our team members are experienced at handling a wide range of transactional needs of our customers. This may include receiving and processing incoming orders, order cancellations, product returns, or exchanges. The result is a satisfactory outcome for both the customer and our client.

Our team members can support our clients in a variety of support roles such as resolving product/service issues, troubleshooting problems, providing ongoing technical assistance, providing help and support with installation, customization, maintenance, and upgrading of a particular product. Our team members act as an extension of our clients.

Sometimes a customer simply needs to be reassured and handled with the utmost care. Our team is experienced in supporting our clients with customers who need additional assistance. This may include handling complaints, solving warranty concerns, tracking misplaced products or simply to address general concerns. 

Our agents possess the “soft skills” such as good listening, clear communication, empathy and ability to use positive language, to help resolve issues.

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