Information Technology (IT) Support

Intelassist provides highly skilled tech experts to our clients within the information technology realm. This includes supporting our clients with analyzing technical problems, implementing and evaluating computer-based systems, designing processes, components, and programs. Our team members serve as a valued and trusted extension of our client’s IT infrastructure.


At a glance

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We recruit our team members based on the specific technology needs of our clients. Since each company has unique IT challenges, we tailor our support solutions to serve each client individually. The Philippines boasts a talented and growing pool of IT professionals who are accustomed to supporting international clients and possess a high level of IT proficiency.

Intelassist IT team member

Typical Employee Background

Here’s the type of employee you should expect from our talent pool:


B.S. in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Science, or similar


5+ years of experience in I.T. (e.g., software or web development, cybersecurity, database administration, etc.)


Core Competencies

Solid understanding of programming  languages: Swift, Ruby, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Python, R

Familiarity with HIPAA and GDPR rules and regulations

**varies by role

Support Areas in Information Technology (IT)

We support the following roles.

Looking for something specific? Reach out to us about your requirements, and we’ll work out a solution.

  • Software developer
  • QA Analysts
  • Business process analysts
  • Salesforce Engineers
  • Computer network architects
  • Computer support specialists
  • IT project managers
  • Web developers
  • Information security analysts
  • Computer systems analysts
  • Database administrators and architects
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