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Intelassist is a remote staffing organization specializing in providing experienced and highly skilled employees based in Manila, Philippines to a diverse segment of businesses located around the globe.


Explore the latest remote staffing trends, strategies, and best practices to thrive in today’s dynamic work environment. 

Our approach

What makes Intelassist different?

Choosing an offshore support team can be difficult, but we make the decision an easy one. 

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about us

Grow with collaborative partnering.

Founded in 2007, we have since perfected the art of sourcing, training, and retaining top-tier talent. We are focused on providing our partners with dedicated and experienced professionals, minimizing employee turnover with our collaborative, customer-focused work environment.


A workplace focused on increasing productivity.

Located in Metro Manila, the Philippines’ first Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) hub, Intelassist is home to high-performing individuals with a knack for delivering exceptional service. 

partner Testimonials

What our clients are saying...

"We love our two accounting team members and wouldn't know what to do without them. They are integral to what we do."

Accounting Firm South Carolina, USA

“Partnering with Intelassist has been one of the best decisions we could have made for our business. Every aspect of the process from hiring, to training, to daily tasks has been met with complete professionalism. They quickly found two quality designers to help us complete work faster and ease the workload of our internal team. Our Intelassist designers are self-motivated, task focused, and detail oriented which makes working with them a joy! They have even taken on additional tasks as our needs have evolved. We have worked with Intelassist for almost two years, and I expect that our relationship will continue to grow well into the future!”

Commercial Interiors Company Greenville, SC, USA

“We are thrilled with the quality of candidates that Intelassist was able to provide. In today’s competitive labor market having access to high quality, experienced employees are a differentiator for our business. We would not hesitate to recommend Intelassist to other businesses looking for a creative solution to their staffing needs.”

Construction Company Charlotte, NC, USA

“The two architectural support team members we have are doing great! All is well and we are thrilled to have them! Thank you!”

Architecture Firm Wisconsin, USA

"Of all of the candidates we have looked at both from India and your applicants here in the Philippines, no one has appeared to be more appropriate for our needs than your team members."

Architecture Firm South Carolina, USA

"Our Intelassist team member has been a great asset to the team. She communicates well, works additional hours when asked, is very consistent in her work, and has helped some of the other Intelassist employees with their work. Overall I have no complaints and my staff seems to be happy with her work to date."

CIvil Engineering Company Kentucky, USA

"The PRA system is, in my opinion, the most effective system we have."

Radiology Practice Greensboro, NC, USA

"We are extremely pleased with this relationship. It is a game changer for us and we look forward to expanding this partnership."

Medical Company Birmingham, AL, USA

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