Healthcare Support

We provide highly skilled and technically proficient team members to our clients throughout the healthcare industry. This includes a wide variety of support from customer outreach to revenue cycle management, billing services, radiology reading, nurse support, insurance verification, healthcare analytics, and scheduling and direct customer outreach. 

Our team members are accustomed to supporting companies throughout the healthcare space and bring years of proven experience.

At a glance

Optimizing productivity and efficiency

Using a back office healthcare support team can help your team accomplish more with less. We work together with our clients in partnership so that we efficiently and effectively help them meet their business objectives. This in turn allows our clients to support the healthcare needs of their patients.

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What to expect

Around-the-clock support, secured data, quick turnaround

All Intelassist services are HIPAA-compliant. We maintain utmost security and training to ensure personal health information (PHI) is protected at all times. Intelassist holds the compliance and security of our client’s data as a top priority by performing audits, training, and continued education to ensure the safety of client data and information.

Typical Employee Background

Here’s the type of employee you should expect from our talent pool:


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Administration (for customer care roles)


5+ years of experience in healthcare related fields

Core Competencies

Data analytics expertise

Microsoft Office applications

Support Areas

We support roles in the following areas.

Looking for something specific? Reach out to us about your requirements, and we’ll work out a solution.

At Intelassist, we offer outsourced radiology services to healthcare companies looking to streamline their radiology operations and improve patient care. Our team of highly skilled radiology assistants can support with a wide range of tasks:

  • Reading room phone coverage, inbound and outbound
  • Communicating & documenting important findings to ordering physicians
  • Instant messaging, call reports, critical findings, ACR registry data entry
  • Requests for comparative studies and relevant clinical history
  • Contacting technicians regarding missing images, ultrasound worksheets, history, etc.
  • Assisting radiologists during downtimes

We offer medical record retrieval services to companies looking to optimize their record retrieval operations and improve their overall efficiency. 

By working closely with our clients to update their record retrieval requests, we ensure that all requests are accurate and up-to-date. We understand the importance of timely and accurate record retrieval and are dedicated to delivering exceptional service that help our clients meet their goals. 

  • HIPAA compliant patient record handling
  • Email and phone communication with clients
  • Updating client requests
  • Communicating with healthcare providers
  • Issue resolution
  • Invoice generation and payment confirmation
  • Medical transcription
  • Medical data entry
  • Medical billing and coding
  • Billing audit and reconciliation support
  • Insurance carrier coordination
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Claims processing
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