Expand your team with Intelassist

Higher Quality

Each employee is hand-selected by Intelassist, ensuring only the most qualified candidate for your needs.

We conduct initial interviews, job qualification assessments, and skill evaluations to guarantee we find the best fit for your business.


We provide staff that serve as an extension of your team. They are trained by your company and report exclusively to you.

Cost Savings

By changing up the traditional recruiting process, we save our clients money on labor costs by taking on the task of sourcing employees.

We also cover required employee workstations, computer and phone equipment, and necessary software, as well as employee benefits including health, dental, and 401K.

Local Presence

Our team provides local, operational expertise. We conduct on-site management of our teams to guarantee accountability, continuity, and active cultivation of motivated and passionate employees.

Lower Turnover

All employees sign and honor one-year contracts, ensuring continuity for your business and increased employee retention.

How It Works

Remote staffing made simple.

You identify your requirements.

Provide our team with a detailed job description of position(s) you’re seeking to fill and the required skill set.

We find potential candidates.

Intelassist locates potential candidates and holds preliminary interviews to ensure compatibility with required skill set.

You choose the best candidate based on your needs.

Review potential candidates and give final approval on all hiring decisions. this is a test

We help with onboarding the employee to ensure a smooth transition.

Intelassist secures computers, software, phone systems, etc. required for employee to perform their duties.

You train your employee.

Based on your requirements and criteria, train your employee for any necessary job functions.

We give you a 90-day trial period.

Intelassist allows you to try out services first to see if it’s the right fit for you.


if you’re satisfied with your selection,

You expand your team.

Each employee reports exclusively to you, serving as an extension of your team (just remotely).

We engage and retain talent.

Each employee signs a one-year contract with Intelassist. We bill the client monthly based on agreed upon hourly wage.

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