HIPAA Security Compliance

  • HIPAA Security Officer on board for incident response
  • Security Risk Assessment and Evaluation
  • Security Training on Policies and Procedures
  • Complete Technical Documentation of Security
  • Security “Unique User” for Access Management

For processing ELECTRONIC PROTECTED HEALTHCARE INFORMATION (e-PHI) Law enforced by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).



This Business Associate under U.S HIPAA Laws implements security standards with implementation specifications that are “Required and Addressable” stated in the US HIPAA Security, Final Rule.

Documentation may be furnished upon request to present details of how this agency meets the security standards and how it maintains CONFIDENTIALITY, INTEGRITY, and AVAILABILITY of the electronic protected health information (e-PHI) extant in the technology system used to support U.S health care as a business associate. This program is made ready to assist in maintaining ”audit ready” compliance to the U.S HIPAA laws.

*Enforced by the United States Office for Civil Rights (OCR)*

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